Thursday, May 22, 2014

I've Moved Lovers

It's here Ladies and Gents,
The new blog!:)

You can find it here :)

I'll see you there!:)

- Chels:)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Change Is At Hand

I thought all of you would like to know,
That change is about to hit Sammie Eleven:)
I'm transforming the blog,
Since my mish is home,
And we are married,
And eat a lot of cookies,
I thought it would be only appropriate to spruce things up around here!;)

In the meantime,
Enjoy this picture:)
I seriously can't get enough of our wedding pics...
Newlywed probs...
P.S I LOVE this boy so much!:)
And if you have time,
You can answer the poll question in the top left corner of the page!
Go with your hearts on this one!;)
It's important!

Happy Wednesday Lovers!:)

Stay Classy;)


Monday, January 27, 2014

One Month:)

Guess what Ladies and Gents...:)
I've been married to my best friend for an entire month:)
I can not believe that just a month ago Sam and I were getting married!!
{seriously, mind is blown right now}
We have had SO much fun this past month,
And I am so grateful this adventure never has to end:)

I'm looking forward to the many more months and years to come!:)
I know I say this in just about every post,
But I don't know how I got so lucky to end up with a guy like Sam:)
He is truly the love of my life,
My best friend,
And my better half:)

We are celebrating this awesome day a little like this...:)
* French Toast and Orange Juice for breakfast,
* Hanging out and doing homework this afternoon,
* Having Doritos Casserole for din-din,
{we will see how this turns out, haha}
* Popping open some bubbly {a.k.a sparkling cider} we have been saving,
* And finishing off the day with watching the new episode of The Bachelor:)

Here are some pics for you Lovers to enjoy!:)
These pics were taken on our way up to the Temple!:)
We were SO excited!!!:)
P.s can you see the sunshine coming in through the back window???
It was literally the most beautiful day ever!:)
Blue skies, no wind, and the temperature was bearable for December:)
Happy One Month to my Sammie!:)
Sure do love you a lot:)
I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with you!!
{my dad's face in this pic is my fav by the way}

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie Ann Cannon:)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Things About The Husband

Things You All Should Know About Mr. Sam:)

* He's very funny.
In the 28 days we've been married,
I've gained abs of steel thanks to him;)

* He works really hard.
At everything!!
School, work, being a husband,
Sam gives 111% all the time:)

* He is a gum chewer.
I've never been offered so much gum in my life!
I thank Sam for constantly having good breath;)

* He is a really good bed maker.
Everyday I come home from school on my early days,
Our bed is made:)
It's the simple things:)

* He loves my cooking.
I am a terrible cook,
But Sam always eats whatever I cook!
And then goes back for seconds!:)

* He loves to share.
This pertains mostly to all the sweatshirts I've borrowed,
They are my favorite!
Mostly because they smell like Sam:)

*He is everyone's friend.
Everyone loves Sam,
Enough said:)

*He is really good at speaking and teaching Spanish.
I've learned a lot of Spanish words in the last little bit,
Most of the words I'm still not sure what they mean!
They stay within the apartment,
Just to be safe;)

*He likes to take naps.
In fact he is taking one right now,

*He is the best dancer.
Our living room is our ballroom;)

And Lastly...

*He is the best husband ever.
I could go on and on,
But we will stop there for today.
How I got so lucky,
I'll never know:)
I'm married to my best friend:)
And every day is the best day ever!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie Ann Cannon:)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Engagement Sesh

Today's post is all about the Engagement Sesh,
Done with Alexandria Hawker
{a.k.a my sister-in-law}
{a.k.a the greatest ever}
Alex did SOO much for the wedding!!
She was always right there willing to help with whatever!
I literally owe her my kidney and then some!;)

You can find Alex at either Plain Jayne Diaries
Check it out,
It's good stuff!:)

Well enough of the chit-chat!
Here are some pics from our engagement sesh with Alex!:)
It was SUPER fun getting our engagement pics done!:)
As well as SUPER cold!!
Alex did a great job capturing all the fun moments!!
Here are some of my favs:)
Thanks Alex!!!:)
I'm in love with a boy named Sam:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie Ann Cannon:)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Oh hey:)
Remember how I said I was going to blog about me and Sam's meeting...
Funny story Ladies and Gents,
Like the day after I posted that,

I got all of my pictures from the wedding!

We will save that story for a rainy day;)

Today I'll share my Bridals.
I chose a few of my favs,
But if I could,
I would post them all,
Because they all turned out super great!:)

Carolyn Anderson was my photographer,
She was amazing,
And I recommend her to everyone!:)
Here is the link to her blog and website!

Enjoy Lovers!:)
Happy Wednesday:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie Ann Cannon:)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stay Tuned...

Of course the next adventure I want to share with all you Lovelies is our wedding day!:)
But we are still waiting on some more wedding pics,
So I'm going to hold off on that story for now!:)
In the meantime thoughhhhh,
I'll be sharing our,
"How We Met Story"
It will be broken up into "chapters" you could say,
But stay tuned,
Because a new piece of the story comes daily!;)
{this was our first picture taken together:)}

See you tomorrow Lovers!:)

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie Ann Cannon:)