Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome Home Elder Sammie C.

Oh my goodness,
I am beyond excited to finally write this post!:)
I would say the day Sam coming home was the best day of my life,
I think the day we got married trumps his home coming by just a little;)

Mr. Sam left on November 2nd, 2011
And returned on October 29th, 2013!:)
I said my see ya laters on the 1st of November,
So all in all I waited 727 days to see my best friend!!:)

Two weeks prior to Sam coming home,
I couldn't sleep,
Or even think about anything but Sam!
I was stuck between unbelievably happy to unbelievably nervous!
{it was a good place to be}
So many things were running through my head!
"Will Sam still like Taco Bell when he gets home?!"
"Is Sam going to be ok that I became a Justin Bieber fan while he was gone?!"
"Should I give him a hug around his neck or around his waist?!"
"What outfit should I wear to the airport?!"
"Excuse me while I go and throw up!!"
For two weeks this was what was going through my head!
{i think my family secretly wanted to kill me, haha!}

Then October 29th finally came:)
It was a Tuesday,
And it was perfect:)

I woke up at the crack of dawn,
To start working on some missionary cupcakes,
And to get a head start on getting myself ready for the airport!
{come on, it had been two years, everything had to be perfect, ya know what i'm sayin'?!}
Then my Mom, sister, sister-in-law, niece and I loaded up in the van and we took off to the airport!:)
I would have been screaming the whole way,
But little Ellie was sleeping, haha;)

While we were driving to the airport,
We passed Sam's family on the freeway,
I had never felt so much excitement between two cars!!
We all had our signs and cameras going,
It was so fun!!:)

Then we pulled up to the airport,
And we waited for the plane to land for what seemed like FOREVER!!!
But the plane came,
And people started flooding off.
Each time a person would come down the escalator and out the door,
They would say something like,
"He is on the plane!!"
"I sat right next to him!!"
"He converted me!!"
But then all the people were off the plane and down the escalator,
And there was still no Sam.
Little side note folks,
The IF airport is tiny,
There is no excuse for things to take longer then 10 minutes, haha!!

But then:)

Out of nowhere:)

Came Sam:)

He started down the escalator,
In his grey suit and vans,
And then he came through the door:)

I'll leave the video and pictures to tell the rest of the story:)
Apart of my heart finally came home that day:)
It's a day I'll never forget and I'll cherish forever:)
There is just nothing like seeing your best friend after two years,
It's absolutely priceless and most defiantly worth the wait:)

Sam's sister Alice has a killer blog,
I'm leaving her link here
She posted about Sam's homecoming,
And it's pretty neat:)
Check it out Ladies and Gents!!

Stay Classy;)

Chelsie Ann Cannon:)


  1. Thanks for the great cry! I love this video - it is very close to my heart! Love you both and proud of you both! Momma C

  2. I love this! It made me cry! I loved seeing how emotional and happy he was to see his family and you! I'm so happy for you! I'm also glad I'm not the only one feeling these feelings. :)

  3. You must have a bunch of emotional followers, because I was crying right along with the rest of them. That video is priceless!